Going…Going…Gone Vegetarian

This is my long overdue account of going vegetarian. The original plan was to document my transition, from the beginning. Seven months down the line and I’m finally in a position to look back on it, but before you scoff and stuff your face with meat, let me explain some things to you. I have […]

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Giving blood: It’s not that bad!

It’s been exactly two weeks since I gave blood for the first time and guess what? It really wasn’t that bad! I was expecting huge needles, mean nurses and most of all I was expecting to feel it. Everything about my experience was the complete opposite. The staff were friendly, helpful and informative. The needle really isn’t […]

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Why you need to vote

                         Election time is almost here, are you ready for the 2015 elections? Or have you paid it no mind, thinking voting is pointless? Give me a chance to convince you otherwise! Please note this is a biased blog, mostly full of my own […]

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Too many plans

Unfortunately I had to cancel my 100 book challenge, after I had fallen behind by two weeks, I knew I wouldn’t make it to the 100 mark in time! I’m also moving this summer, in 5 weeks time, so the preparation for that means I haven’t had the time, so instead I am going to […]

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